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Welcome to the new Dr. Owens M.D.

Thank you for visiting my new website.  Here you can find out information about our approach to family and general Psychiatry, and the services we provide. For more information, please feel free to call us and make an appointment.


A Healty Mind. . . A Healthy Body

As I take a fresh look at my patients, my practice and the changes in the world in general, I now realize that in order to maintain emotional and psychological balance in one's life, three factors must be present;

  1. Stamina Development
  2. Resilience Training
  3. Personal Coaching

These changes maintain clear acceptance of the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria and most of the American Psychiatric Association practice guidelines. However, a proactive and evidence-based approach to Psychiatric Illness is now my mantra.

A new day and wonderful fresh look at our world is where we want to carry you!